How to make a breakfast sandwich on a tight budget

When I made this breakfast sandwich a few days ago it dawned on me that I have little to few friends that I socialize with. Many of the twitter users and my so-called Facebook friends are not really friends of mine at all. With all of the social platforms available to make “friends” and retain followers, there are very few people that I have a literal friendship with.

I basically spend the majority of my day with learning how people think and grouping them into twitter follower lists of people that I think like and folks that I could give a shit less about or what their opinions are.

How I use social platforms to engage others

What you want to do is pick about 10 to 20 bloggers that you want to get to know. Start commenting on their blogs, tweet their posts using their Twitter handle so they see the mention, comment on their Facebook posts and share their Facebook posts (sharing is a big one especially if they don’t get a lot of shares), and comment on pins that you repin (not too much because it’s weird but maybe a few times per month). Check out what they’re into. Do they host Twitter parties? If so attend them and make sure to promote it before and throughout. Have they written a book? If so buy it and ask them if you can write a review. Schedule a few tweets promoting the book making sure to include their Twitter handle. Do they host webinars? Attend and promote them beforehand. See what events they attend or host and go to the same ones. The key is to be consistent but not stalkerish. When I first started I actually created an excel spreadsheet to make sure I was reaching out frequently enough to get noticed but not so frequently that I was scary;) Oh and Instagram is another good way to make friends with bloggers. It’s typically a lot more personal than other forms of social media.

Does any of what I have laid out above seem like the same game plan that you follow through with as well. By the way, how are your breakfast sandwich making skills? Let me know in the comments box below.

Originally published at on February 14, 2015.