You just don’t get it, do you?
Alan Thomas

Certainly I get it Alan its just that you want to pretend otherwise.

You say that Natasha hasn’t informed on anyone but you are in no position to know whether that is the case. What is absolutely certain is that she has repeatedly threatened to do inform on people and people who have been incontact with her have been purged.

You say she threatened people but didn’t actually do so, but Dave Parks has a completely different story, viz. that she sets people up, trolls them, traps them into an argument and then hey presto they have been purged. They believe it is her, according to discussions on Exeter Left Forum. My article was to warn people against friending her and to block her. You irresponsibly, given the weight of evidence told people to risk getting informed on.

And why is she a Labour supporter one moment, hostile to Corbyn the next moment, then in the Lib Dems and then boasts she has voted for Corbyn. Sorry it doesn’t add up.

I know nothing of people reporting her and her children to social care. I don’t mention it. Why is this relevant to what I’ve written. I didn’t even know she was pregnant but is that a reason not to call someone out if they boast of their right to inform on people?

You say that ‘I know you and I disagree about a number of political points, but I simply don’t understand why you chose to join in with this.’ Well I know nothing of you Alan, maybe I should. perhaps and I guess we don’t agree on things, I don’t know.

What I do know is that there is a reasonable suspicion in this case to advise people not to contact Natasha. My comparison was not incidentally between Natasha and Nazis but between informing — it is a practice common in police states and is or should be alien to a democratic society.

So no I won’t be withdrawing the article for which I too have had a lot of abuse.

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