I understand and agree with every single word in this doc. I can say that I have grown to understand all of this in the last 16 years or so. Unfortunately I do not think that our current systems of government — where the power players are funded by big money and kept in office — will ever act against their own self-interest and continued hold on their seats of power. We need an enlightened despot of sorts to impose the changes that will pull ourselves out. And I realize that that is a pipe dream. It’s the classic frog in the boiling pot of water situation. And as you noted, the militarization of our police is now poised to keep the society down in it’s place if and when we do wake up from our sleeping state. When the supply chain for our food, our energy sources, etc start to come unglued — it will be too late for the middle class, or what’s left of it by then, to rise up as one and act. We will have already been split apart into groups that have been tricked into resenting each other. You know, the silly distractions that divide us now and maintain the situation where we vote against our own self-interests time and time again because of the manipulation of our opinions by a media machine that is just as strong and just as contracted as the military industrial complex(oil) that they are working for. Is there hope? I don’t know. I certainly have a lot of really interesting ideas I would like to share with you and bounce around as to what the “there” is. What the new version of society could look like when we come out the other side of all this. That’s easy. It’s the getting there that is the problem. The transition from here to there. I wish there was a way to continue a dialogue with you from time to time moving forward in a more direct way, but for now I guess the only thing that I can do is keep following you and try my best to follow the 3 things I can do that you have recently outlined. It’s very frustrating however, as you must surely understand, because you have obviously figured out the same things that I have been working on figuring out for these last 20 years or so. Great job on this doc. I am a filmmaker and currently a PBS TV Producer in New York State. Please stay in touch if possible and keep on fighting the good fight.


Tony Grocki