Ecological Footprints in the Sand
Jimmy Chen

Ecological footprints noticed? OK, now do this..

Understand and ponder a little. I know, we work hard and prefer to just watch The Simpsons.

Is a west coast or north — south pipeline a black and white go or no — go question? Absolutely not!

With a growing domestic Isis threat, pipelines are impossible to secure safely. A refinery near the source is far easier to make secure. Pipelines export refining and product manufacture to cheap foreign labour. Also the 1% filthy rich skimp on ecology safety costs.

Do you prefer to send good jobs to China rather than keeping jobs here in America? We can make paints, cosmetics, plastics, lubricants, refined additives, solvents and thinners, diesel and aviation fuels here in America.

Our labour costs the 1% who run Big Oil a little more and eco standards are higher yet without more pipelines and ocean tankers there is no risk to thousands of fresh water tables and less risk to Pacific ocean fisheries including fisheries of China and Japan. Can you imagine the Asian backlash if millions of Asians loose their fishery?

Mr Black of the Black newspaper chain, [ A Big Oil buddy ]. Insists a refinery on the West coast is an answer to our oil problems. What a bargain. He suggests when refinery modules are shipped in from China and assembeled at Kitimat B.C. we save a bundle.

Let’s think for a second. How can that be a bargain? A coastal refinery needs a multi-$Million dollar pipeline from Edmonton Alberta to the B.C. coast, risking hundreds of fresh water tables along the route. That pipline cost is an essential part of a Kitimat refinery. Much cheaper to have a ‘Made in Canada’ refinery near the source of bitumen in Alberta.

Big Oil’s push for pipelines is a push for quick profits today and let the taxpayers finance the clean-up required for tomorrow.

That has already happened in the mining world. There are hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic arsenic gold mining wastes at Canada’s biggest gold mine near Yellowknife under armed 24 hour guard paid for by you and I the taxpayer. One Asperin sized tablet of that waste is lethal to us. There are hundreds of other mines in Canada with similar waste and tailings ponds costs that we pay for as well.

So while we push back against pipelines that can not be made secure, let’s insist on refining and petro-manufacturing here in North America. Oils that are piped to the Texas gulf refineries are made into products and shipped by tractor trailer for resale all over. There is no law in Canada against similar distribution of petro-products from Alberta as far as I know.

A refinery in Kitimat?.. What a laugh. Toxic [emulsifiers ] tar sands bitumen would be bypassing a Kitimat refinery in football field sized tankers headed for China at the mere stroke of a pen held in Harper’s hand.

Stopping a pipeline is one thing. Getting Big Oil to stop exporting our jobs offshore in the same way Big Logging does is the real contest. You are now in the know. I wish more Canadians were aware as well. Anthony Robinson

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