One of Trump’s top candidates for Interior Secretary sold parks to her campaign donors
Western Priorities

Its a matter of tax base and priorities. Certainly there appears to be cronyism in the state and current management of Oklahoma State Parks. Oklahoman's won’t pony up money for educating kids, just like they won’t pony up additional taxes to maintain a State Park — many if not ALL of Oklahoma managed State Parks are in sad need of updating and infrastructure, visitor-ship and outdoor recreation have hit historic lows. Possibly the best scenario is a USER pay as you go PRIVATE partnership with a well known park managing authority would be the way to go. Government ESPECIALLY Oklahoma government has demonstrated time and again from past to present a propensity for mis-managing land, and recreational opportunities, too many layers of State Funded black holes to rabbit tax money down. We have both federal and state parks closed or shut down due to Federal and State mis-management. Fallin is just a tool , she always has been, and as Interior Secretary she likely would continue what she knows, a poor choice? Yea maybe, she has fooled a lot of people over the years about her competence. In the same vein to put the onus on her as Governor of Oklahoma is to point the fingers back at the people PRIMARILY responsible for making Oklahoma a place to visit — the USERS. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel we just need to COPY successful states who seem to manage top rate parks.

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