OBAMA always struck me literally as a ‘Down to Earth’ fellow.

Then he announces (right out of the Red) that he wants his Presidential legacy to be recorded in a far, far away place across our Solar System, on planet Mars no less! Not by him personally, but by a plucky group of his hand-picked few who will go there & hopefully back, to definitively demonstrate ‘American Exceptionalism’ to us and anyone who might be out there!

Oh, I nearly forgot the small issue of cost, probably a trillion or two One-Way, throwing in another trillion say for the Round-Trip (down hill), back to Terra Firma.

They will be taking a Memorial Plaque to show off the bold initiative of the great President Barack Obama and it will be erected appropriately in ‘Hellas Basin’ for all passers-by to admire.

But not to put any kind of dampener on this dryish Planet but I wonder if (someone who hasn’t been consulted about this project) THE SUPREME ENTITY, will it look upon this venture with unabashed glee? After all, Mankind on Earth may well be considered a bit of a ‘failed experiment’ at Universe HQ. We may even be looked upon as an unruly plague-type thing, best restrained to the confines of Home Planet!

On second thoughts let’s just not prognosticate wildly here and be a touch more sensible and alter the Mission Title a tad to