I talked to 3 people who got into UX in their 40s
Guy Ligertwood

Beautiful article as they say you are never too old to learn anything. Am on the same journey myself been in tech for a while mainly a designer / coder. Went into mobile QA , but the passion for design is in my blood.

Working for some top range companies I started teaching the designers and UI designers some bits.

So made up my mind it’s UX or UI design . Started a 6 week course with general assembled so far so good most of it I was aware of practically but not the theory.

UX is the boom unit 1 and unit 2 is detailed the rest of the units is what I love doing prototyping , test etc.

Where as Unit 1 and 2 is more detailed what is UX . Ux research learning about techniques – affinity mapping, personas , user groups , solving the problem etc.

Keep the good work Guy Ligertwood

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