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Another one sided biased article.
First of all, the Jewish people have ALWAYS been indigenous to this area, know your history.

Giving the Palestinians back their country of Palestine won’t ever happen, you can’t turn back the clock. Israel is here to stay, period.

It is the Palestinians do not want peace with Israel.

They have made this clear over the course of time and their actions have spoke volumes.

Israel has made peace with their neighbors who once dropped bombs on them. (Egypt, Jordan) All 3 countries involved have not broken their word and the peace treaty they forged is still strong to this day.

On the other hand, the Palestinians have chosen instead to embrace conflict and violence. They could have chosen the path of peace as their neighbors did, instead they embraced the terrorist organization, Hamas.

ONLY when the Palestinian people are tired of war and conflict, and only when they are serious about peace, will true peace come.

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