Bridging the Gap Between “Sustainable Education Ghana” & Cornell University

My First Project on Cornell University Sustainable Design

What is “Bridge the gap”?

The purpose of “Bridge The Gap” is to really show why SEG (Sustainable Education Ghana), as a student-led, international service initiative, is something that the Cornell Community should really care about. We have one goal: To bridge the gap between two groups of people on campus. The first, being the current members working on SEG and the second, being the rest of the Cornell Community.


So, to identify this connection, we first had to learn from SEG members how working on this project has impacted their Cornell experience.

“Working with VAM has pretty much been my entire Cornell experience”

“These girls are absolutely incredible and they deserve the best”

But we also wanted to know what social initiatives members from the Cornell Community are involved with and how their contributions have shaped their perspectives overtime.

What we found

through this process was that both groups’ contributions around campus and in Ghana resulted in experiences that were very relatable to each other.

When we asked each individual what giving meant to them, although the responses varied in their respective area of concern, they all had a common goal and focus. And that was really for each individual to maximize the tangible change they could make with their own ideas and skills.

And finally,

we asked the SEG members who worked countless hours on SEG, why they think Sustainable Education Ghana is important to them.

But what was inspiring was when we told Dustin, Nuri, and Shaibiya about SEG and how it’s an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable project that students from all areas of study come together to work on throughout their time in Cornell, and asked them if and also why they think SEG is important, their response just spoke volumes to why this project really does matter.

“I think SEG is a very thoughtful way of understanding the needs of the community, being in close touch with the community and building upon the understanding”

It really is not only relatable, but also important to the Cornell Community because these students have now gone abroad and brought back countless invaluable experiences that they won’t only create positive impact in shaping lives of girls the Sogakope, but also will now share with the rest of the community in their time here.

And that’s truly how we want to realize the potential and possibility of bridging the gap between Cornell and Ghana. We want the Cornell community to believe in and achieve things that are bigger than ourselves.

Bridge the Gap: The Movie

Bridge the Gap: The Exhibition

It was my first semester on the marketing & communications team and I really appreciated all the time I spent working this project with Mind, my team lead (on the left)


With our collective marketing & content effort invested into this project, “Bridge the Gap” served as a catalyst, raising awareness for SEG both on the Cornell campus and amongst our alumni network. We ended up hitting our short-term fundraising goal and were able to send 6 SEG students to Ghana for their final site plan analysis during summer 2017.

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