CUSD x RawExposition

A Showcase of Creative Processes Across Disciplines

Photo by Medium Design Collective

Every semester, Cornell’s Medium Design Collective hosts an exposition to showcase the diversity of creative organizations on campus. Art, design, business, entrepreneurship, engineering, architecture, food, music, entertainment, news, and everything else.

The 2017 Spring semester’s theme was:

When we asked ourselves what the creative process of CUSD was, we realized we were the creative process.

Ever since being founded in 2009,

CUSD has reached countless goals and milestones. We’ve met new stakeholders along the way and every semester, there are new, inspired and driven students to join us on our journey of creating tangible change around the world. We are constantly adding to our team of diverse designers, architects, engineers, strategists from all 7 college.

And along the way,

we’ve face countless challenges but have also grown overtime. We are continuously changing and adapting to our surroundings and the needs of the international community.

Tony is currently a rising Junior majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Business at Cornell University, Ithaca NY. He recently interned in Washington D.C. over the summer as a Product Design and Marketing Intern for

He can be reached at: