Mutual Investment Club of Cornell

Website Re-design & Branding Case Study


The Mutual Investment Club of Cornell, MICC, is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful undergraduate investment clubs at Cornell University that works with real-world clients every semester. Despite having this great reputation amongst professionals, they approached me for a website redesign.

The steps I took to deliver a finished product were:

  1. Conduct interviews with MICC’s eboard & Cornell students
  2. Define people problems & paint points
  3. Brainstorm & ideate solutions
  4. Develop high fidelity mock-ups
  5. Implement design with backend developer to deliver
  6. Reflect on my process & ways for improvement

Understanding the User: MICC & Cornell Students

Upon interviewing its executive board & students in the Cornell community, I realized that there was a disconnect between what students who weren’t in MICC thought of the club and what MICC actually stood for. The biggest reason being:

By catering its website content towards industry professionals, MICC unknowingly excluded a key audience, “potential new members in the Cornell student body that wanted to learn more but felt alienated because they could not understand the information on the website.”

The second biggest reason being:

By publishing a website without any user or usability testing, MICC had built a desktop experience personalized for nobody but its initial designers.

The two biggest pain points are:

  1. Miscommunication with the audience
  2. Lack of empathy that went into thinking about who was going to experience the website

People Problem

When I, a potential new member, goes on MICC’s website, I want to quickly understand who they are, how they work, what they’ve accomplished, and how to get involved. But I can’t do that well because:

  1. I can’t understand the complex language & information presented
  2. The lack of visual clarity & organization lessens my interest and makes it hard for me to navigate

Ideating Solutions with the User in Mind

Brainstorming with thought of “we’re not the users,”made work efficient because we weren’t making things up. We were probing and searching for visual language, entry points, and information flows that could resonate.

For instance, while we couldn’t show entire pieces of MICC’s confidential pitches to clients, we were able to include an infographic detailing their specific approach to each project to informative people on “how they worked”

Information Architecture

Home -> Introduction, Mission Statement, Vision Statement

Leadership -> eboard members’ bios

Work -> approach, successful projects

Recruitment -> application, onboarding, and new member process

Logo Research & Exploration

Along development, MICC had also requested a redesign of their logo. The goal was to keep the tradition of the long held Falu Red and Trout Grey while pushing the visual appeal beyond rudimentary shapes from the former design.

Research of other Cornell Business, consulting, investment clubs
Logo redesign exploration

High Fidelity & Mocks

Website Style Guide

Home Page Layout

Style Guide Demo
Type-Face animation to introduce text ->disappear with animation -> repeat process to next frame -> begin again at the 1st frame after completing the 3rd

Work Page Layout

Work Page -> select “Future of Lab Grown Meat” (Mock up) Case Study -> Full Case Study Page

Leadership Page Layout

hover over a profile to read bio of team members
(UI) hover over profile -> creates shadow around a rectangular shape -> slide up
with bio while also having the photo fade out

Recruitment Page Layout

hover over different “teams” to read their descriptions

The design is still ongoing as I will continue to update the final product. Please reach out if you have any insights or thoughts to share, or would like to collaborate on a potential project.