It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

This article is twisted and deceptive. It amazes me that HRC’s most fervent supporters are unwilling to admit that she ran a crappy campaign, that (for reasons combining the dreadful misogyny of the USA, false attacks from the GOP and misguided militaristic policies) she had negatives almost as bad as Trump and (unlike him) very few people who were actually enthusiastic about her candidacy. Sanders presented (as did Trump, in a VERY different way) an alternative to politics as usual. The exclusion of independent voters (who are now a larger force than EITHER registered Democrats or Republicans) from helping choose a candidate who could win looks to me like a truly bad idea. I don’t buy the idea that there was any sort of voter fraud by the DNC, though its favoritism was obvious, but keeping over 40% of the electorate from having a say in who they’re allowed to vote for just isn’t smart. So, now you have the most rabid Clinton fans saying it’s all Bernie’s fault…it’s all Jill Stein’s fault. Naturally, if all third party votes went to Clinton or Trump, he would have gotten almost all of the Libertarian partisans, and Johnson got far more votes than did Stein. Sanders is behaving as a grown up, as is Clinton, but the writer of this article and the most rabid fans of both she and Sanders are busy blaming the other group. “For that you must apologize”…Sasha Stone & Ryan Adams, you truly should be ashamed for saying such an idiotic thing, but of course you’re blind enough that you will not.

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