Protection of the vulnerable of just a purge of freedom?

I’m waiting to pick a child up from a birthday party. I stop for a cider at the first pub.

I see the image above. Lots of #pokies, which would have be the best symbolism of idiotic waste of energy that has ever been known.


It’s not because I’m so passionate about the scourge of poker machines on society — they are really terrible for the vulnerable addicts in society and Governments should really be ashamed of profiting off the crazy old man in the corner continually putting their money into the machine. No, it’s because they don’t really serve a purpose.

Let’s be really clear — I’m not a gambler, so my view may be really uneducated.

Putting that disclaimer aside, I can see the point of poker or the horses because it needs you to exercise your head. It needs a thought process. I don’t think punching coins into a machine that is a poker machines,that produces compeltely random outcomes, really needs much exercise.

But here is the thing. The issue that could even be greater is the #purge of #individual freedom.

There are 15 astutely framed of #laws and ordinances and rules that are hung up proudly next to the poker machines.

Is the placement of poker machines into your regular bar, or the inane number of inane notices that are required by Government, really the same purge on our society.

It’s time we start acting as individuals again. It’s time we start taking responsibility for our own actions.

No one is infallible. We all make mistakes. That is human nature. But, putting up a bunch of signs telling us the obvious is, the real purge. The purge of individual freedom and thought.

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