Well I can tell you for a fact that the pressure is getting to me. The assignments keep piling up because I was late meeting the first deadline, so I am playing catch-up. These deadlines are like Floyd Mayweather… they’re hard to beat. :-)

I almost gave up because for a moment everything seemed too hard and i had lost hope. Two phone calls later, I had managed to pick myself up and decided to give it everything I’ve got. The first was to our group’s facilitator, Ben Kanyolo. He advised me to keep at it and also said that so long as I give it my best shot, I’d feel better about myself, whatever the outcome, and still stand a chance to make it past week 1 of the bootcamp.

The second was to a fellow bootcamper, Dominic Motuka. We forged this friendship the first day of the bootcamp and seeing us together, you would think we’ve known each other since childhood. He is another reason I didn’t give up, so shout out to you Dom ‘mrefu’.

This blog will be short for there is still a lot of work to be done. I just stocked up on sachets and sachets of coffee so there’s a chance I will be pulling an all nighter tonight. ‘Wapi nduru ya usiku sacco’.

Catch you on the next blog. Peace.