Hi reader. My name is Tony Mputhia and this is my first blog post… ever! I have always been an enthused reader though, so i am of the opinion that writing should come as easy. We will find out in a bit.

I have faced my fair share of challenging learning experiences: my first public speaking gig, presenting a project to a group of learned professionals and also slaughtering a chicken. My most recent experience though has to be the selection process of joining Andela.

In a nutshell, Andela is a fellowship programme that trains regular folk, like you and me, to be world class software developers equipped with all the necessary tools to become efficient problem solvers. That being said, Andela’s selection process is as gruelling as it is gruesome. Quoting CNN, “Andela is the start-up that’s harder to get into than Harvard.” To put this statement into perspective, Andela receives approximately 2,000 applicants for every cohort. About 150 applicants are invited for an interview, from among who, only 60 are invited for their 2-week boot camp(which is another monster in itself).

Luckily, or should i say through merit, I managed to reach the boot camp stage. To get there, I have had a couple of sleepless nights, reviewing the home study curriculum(which is like a crash course in computer science). I have also attempted multiple personality tests online preparing for the plum test, and prepared for the interview as well. This has been challenging since there is a lot of material to go through and master but the reward of passing to the next stage is so grand. That feeling of accomplishment is so satisfying it is almost addictive.

The amount of things I have learnt so far are very helpful, I can only imagine what else is in store for me at Andela. This has been my most recent learning experience yet, and I am ready for whatever is next. Bring it on. :-)