Dr. Carson Will Not Join President Elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet

Courtesy Credit: Crate & Barrel

With the elections being over and a president elected, the time has come to start making picks for cabinet. Dr. Carson, former presidential contender is amongst the top picks on the list. But sources close to him state that he has no interest in being part of the new administration.

Declining any cabinet position is the best thing to happen to Dr. Carson. During his run for office, he engaged in speech that could get anybody grabbed by the collar on a subway. From comments about Nazi Germany and guns and to statements he made on how he would handle an active shooter, we saw his image tarnish over time in the minds of many who simply could not match his tone with his personality.

This move to not accept any appointments comes at a big surprise considering the degree of camaraderie he has with Trump. The two got really close. And just like Obama once said about his relationship with Biden, the two probably wouldn’t get served in some restaurants in Indian either. His love for Trump was just too good for a governor Mike Pence.

Dr. Carson gained fame amongst conservatives after his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. He was a prominent guest on Fox News with multiple appearances on the Hannity Show and his comments and views at the time were rather plausible. He was this conservative guy with strong belief in religion, successful surgeon with political ideology leaning more towards the right. It was all good at the time. He was good, we were good.

In all honesty, his black card was revoked when he announced his bid for office running as a Republican. He simply went too far at that point. Showing up on Fox News should be okay because brother dont watch that. Being conservative is not a problem also since most brothers have that in them anyway — They all love money, hate broke people, and love beautiful woman.

But what was Dr. Carson actually thinking? That after a few TV appearances he can run for office? To some, this might be an unfair question to ask since he is no different than his buddy in terms of experience and the TV appearances. In order to understand this I’ll let the statement put out by his confident as reported by CNN sink in: “Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.” To you now, so basically, he turned down the position for fear of crippling the presidency when in fact he was running to become president?

Maybe after all the Borowitz Report was actually right when they said Dr. Carson had no memory of running for president.

Good thing though, he may be t0 reapply for his black card since he wont be joining the posse.