Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

I was talking about this in the office. As a UX Architect I was left with a large HUH? But, I can see where they’re going at some point in the future. In my opinion, the days of actual “keys” on a laptop will come to an end. When? No telling. You can take an iPad, hand it to a child and they get it. Imagine a laptop where the keyboard has been replaced with glass. Haptic feedback when the glass is touched will replace a physical key and/or press. By replacing they keys of a laptop with essentially an iPad will bridge the gap. A fully customizable keyboard that can change any layout based on the application being used. Apple has been acquiring years worth of “virtual keyboard” usage and will apply that to future generations. For my kids, now 8 and 11. Virtual keyboards are not out of the norm. Apples products do somewhat target existing users/buyers but the larger play is a future generation that will no longer see a physical keyboard as a requirement.

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