GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Switch

I recently added the GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Switch & Dimmer to my smart home collection and they have both been a great addition to the system.

I first got the switch because I wanted to control my outside lights. Every night before I went to bed I would always have to go down and make sure the lights were such off. Most of the time I would forget and they were left on all night. Now I don’t even think about it because they are set up on my SmartThings system to automatically come on when the sun sets and automatically shut off at a specific time.

Then I got the dimmer switch to control my family room lights. Sometimes when we watch movies we like to have a little bit of light but most of the time we like them off. Well, now we can do both and what makes it better is we can speak to Alexa and say, “Turn the family room lights to 30%” or “Turn the family room lights off” and we don’t have to run over to the switch to do it. The connection between SmartThings and the Echo allow us to use voice commands to control them.

Just in case the the lights get left on, through SmartThings I have them automatically shut off so they don’t get left on.

I really like the switches and they have been a great addition to my smart home. I decided to go with the GE version because 1, they could be mounted in my wall and look like all the other switches that I have in my house. 2, they could be used by the SmartThings system but I could also manually turn them on and off. 3, because they were the cheapest.

I would love to put these in my whole house but the price isn’t were in needs to be to get widely adopted. I hope that changes soon. With all the smart home stuff being so new, the price points are still a little to high for the value it provides.

As for the installation, it was fairly easy. I did run into some problems with the neutral wire that you need to connect because the instructions were not all that clear on it. I watched a couple of the install videos that I found online and then I was able to quickly get them set up and working.

Because the product is more bulky than a normal switch, I do have a problem with getting the face plate flush with the wall. I either need to adjust the box in the wall so it sits back a little more or find a face plate that can cover the gap that the switch has made. Not a big deal but just a pesky little thing that I think about every time I manually use the switch.

Getting the switched paired to the SmartThings system was simple. All you need to do is go the ‘Connect new device’ and they get instantly recognized and lets you go through the set up process.

Overall, great product and would recommend it for any smart home users.

Originally published at Tech Reviews.

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