An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I bet there is a person whom we’ll name Yalia out there who works for Yelp and has an English degree. Yalia also worked in the support department but is currently a manager in the marketing department.

Yalia was -grateful- to be hired to work for support and that a company, a branded company like Yelp entrusted Yalia to support their clientele.

Yalia worked as hard as she could. Not only putting in extra time but made sure that her metrics placed her in the top 10% of her department. Yalia had no idea when she would be promoted, if at all. Yalia wasn’t worried about her pay. Yalia just kept focusing on proving her VALUE. Yalia knew that by working hard and providing VALUE, the chances were good that she would get recognized and would earn the promotion she was vying for at Yelp. At the worst case, Yalia would be able to work in Marketing at a different company because they have gauged Yalia’s VALUE to be worthwhile enough to give her a position and salary suitable to the other candidates that Yalia is competing with.

Yelp figured out that Yalia was valuable and contributed more VALUE than what she was paid (don’t forget benefits — those aren’t free to the company paying for them) and promoted Yalia and didn’t want her to go to a competitor.

So Yalia, other than earning her VALUE day in and day out at Yelp probably did some of the following:

1 — Spent her free time studying marketing and networked with people who strive to be successful and not hang out with fellow bottom feeders.

2 — Didn’t get fired for criticizing the company who writes her a paycheck. aka — not biting hand that feeds you.

3 — Lived within her means. Has a roommate because she made the same money as you.

4- Is a 25 year old ADULT who knows that life isn’t fair and that writing whiny blog posts doesn’t pay her bills. Providing VALUE does pay her bills.

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