A Cautious Path to Citizenship

Many people believe that Naturalization of Immigrants will lead to the downfall of our nation. There is a plethora of reasons as to why so many are opposed to a concept that would create a greater sense of equality amongst American people. But just as people believe immigrants should have citizenship for good reasons, there are many that make us think otherwise. The answer many people ask is whether citizenship should be available for all immigrants specifically the Latino community? For reasons, such as taking our jobs and lowering our wages, as well as national security, and losing our identity as a country, the answer is no.

Immigrants come to this country in search of a better life, but in doing so they often make American lives worse. They come to take our jobs from us, and because they are willing to work for so much less the overall labor force is cheapened. The already high unemployment rate would skyrocket if all immigrants were to be naturalized. There is absolutely no benefit in immigrants coming and staying here permanently.

Another possibly much more important reason everyone must be warier about immigration because of all the crazy terrorist attacks going on all over the world. It’s not enough to screen people who like to become citizens to see if they pass a background check. Most of these people who take part in terrorism most likely fly under the radar for their entire lives on purpose at to not draw attention to themselves. We cannot quite possibly let all these people naturalize and have open borders because our national security would be at serious risk. Potential terrorist could easily come through the borders since everyone can be naturalized and not have any trouble establishing and carrying out a terrorist attack. There is nothing worse than feeling unsafe at home. While we’re at it we should also protest amnesty, due the potential detrimental risk. As a country, we need to put ourselves first for once and not worry about everyone else’s problems.

If we were to essentially have open borders and allow everyone to have access to our country whenever they wanted, we risk losing our sense of self. America has always been a melting pot for all different types of people from all over the world. However, the way we have all been able to for the most part get along is the fact that these people from all over have successfully assimilated. The issue becomes when you have large numbers of immigrants from any one place at one time, it creates a lot of issues with assimilation. Just as seen with the Hispanic immigrant population, they never fully assimilated to American culture and held on to traditions such as language and refuse to forget their roots no matter how hard America has tried. Due to this phenomenon, we could essentially forget who we are as a country.

All of these are completely valid and realistic reasons to not allow all immigrants to naturalize easily. I believe our national security is by far the best reason to not accept these ideologies. People want to feel safe and if we were to have open borders there is far much less of a guarantee that you’re safe. Many people including myself believe that we should not allow obtaining citizenship and entrance into our country so easy. Most people want there to be a path to citizenship, which I’m not opposed too so long as it guarantee’s the safety of our country.

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