I’m an outdoor, morning person. I love sunrises, forests and the sea. So when I moved to London I suspended all judgement and approached it as another adventure in a foreign environment. I’ve explored the city, as much as I can in the short six months here.

London boasts the…

The current pristine state of Belize’s Sarstoon-Temash National Park’s unique wetlands and mangrove complex owes much to its remoteness, difficult access, and hostile habitat; the discovery of oil there is changing that. A team of scientists collects ecological data which might help guide the Park’s management.

The skiff drifts quietly toward the riverside, the outboard still. A young man standing in the bow gently parts the branches overhanging the water till the boat touches the bank. He ties the bow line securely to a tree, then pulls the boat parallel to the shore.

Peering over the…

Smoke from devastating wildfires rise from the Chiquibul forest.

The Guatemalan chopped the last stand of brush on the barren hillside. The sun punished him with only the occasional cloud to provide relief. Stopping every few minutes, Alejandro wiped his brow with the sleeve of his dirt-stained shirt and surveyed his morning’s work.

He knew he was in Belize…

At 93, Mom didn’t rage against the dying of the light. Her heart - big enough to raise 6 children; brave enough to sail the seas for 7 years; bold enough to live off the land in Northern Minnesota for 20 years; and robust enough to love the same man…

WildTracks and the struggle to rehabilitate and release injured or illegally held “pet” monkeys in Belize

Introduction to Northern Belize and Wildtracks

For many years, Belize has struggled to establish a program for the rehabilitation and release of illegally held pet monkeys. Since 2010, a non-profit organization named Wildtracks — located in Northern Belize — has been able to take in all monkeys that are surrendered…

An expedition in Belize to explore and photograph a rediscovered sinkhole in the Chiquibul forest reveals a truth Belizeans must accept and act on.

Three kilometers east of the Guatemala border, the forest fell silent.

Four hours earlier we had left Tapir Camp — the entrance to the Chiquibul forest — via a newly cut trail off the Caracol Road, to trek to the Cebada region of the Chiquibul and document a sinkhole re-discovered…

Tony Rath

Tony Rath is a pro photographer based along the shore of the Caribbean Sea specializing in natural, underwater and cultural images. http:/www.tonyrath.com

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