True, but my point was, if JavaScript was such a great software engineering language, then they…
Richard Kenneth Eng

Nowhere did I see Brook Monroe (or anyone else, frankly) claim that “Javascript was such a great software engineering language”. Just like any other language, it has it’s strength an weaknesses and the key to using it effectively (again, like any other language) is understanding it. I’ve seen these ‘language X sucks’ debates so many times in my career and it honestly sounds like schoolyard posturing. It comes down to personal preferences and how your brain works. For example, I prefer Rust’s approach to systems programming to Go. But am I going to try to convince people that Go is dysfunctional? Of course not. Not everyone approaches programming or thinks the same way. If you don’t like JavaScript, fine — don’t use it. Use what works for you and more power to you. We all have our prejudices and preferences when it comes to programming.

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