An Apology
Joel Davis

The can of worms in this article is too big for text. But lll mention a fraction. Not sure how much it aligns with sound doctrine. This isnt new. The inherent divinity of man based off being "made in God’s image..." what exactly did Moses mean? I get it. Some of us have lower self esteems. We need a boost of confidence in who we are. But even Paul says he glories in the cross alone. The implication of an article like this is an eventuall lessening in the appreciation of the grace of God in Christ on us IN SPITE OF US and an overall approvall of us because of how he originally made us APART FROM the cross. We are no loner surprized by Gods grace but met with an expectation of Gods acceptance. Now, in Christ, we are now co heirs and co laborers with Christ, but we don’t want to go against the scriptures on thinking we are inherently worthy of anything but judgment. Maybe we’re not piles of manure... but maybe our goodness is so corrupt by our sinfulness that even our goodness is still filthy rags before God. This truth is immutable. Articles like this, I believe, may be likened to self help books. Tim Keller says this is a western thought foreign to the rest of the world. "Looking within for the answer." Sadly. It may be creeping into the true church disguising itself as biblical. Let me know if I’m wrong here though. I want to learn 😬😬😬