Who has the power in the world?

Most of us would say the government and corporations, but is that really so?

When you really start thinking about power in our world, it’s a twisted question. Everything in society, actually, in the whole universe is interconnected on each other.

What that means is that humans are dependent on trees for oxygen to breathe while trees are dependent on the sun and the rain to grow. Now what does this has to do with power in our society? Let’s take a look.

In today’s modern society, the government and corporations appear to have the power in their hands. Yet, the government and corporations are dependent on the obedience of the population and the co-operation of individuals. Without us, the government and corporations would be completely powerless.

We could say big corporations have the most power, but here is the twist, corporations are dependent on the population. On "the market" which is us. We buy their products, sign up for their services and so provide them with our information and our money.

That’s the irony, we have the power yet we give our power to the politicians, we obey their rules. We follow the system and the traditional life path of going to school, getting a job and die.

We fall in the trap of marketing, buy products we don’t need, sign up for services that seem interesting and useful. We become first class consumers. And so, give all our power to corporations.

So we basically kill all our hopes and dreams by giving other people, the government and corporations, our personal power.

And now it’s sounds like a bad thing but it’s essential to realize this so we can do something about it. It’s not the government, it’s not the corporations that run this world. It’s us! The population! We run this world. We run corporations, we are the market, we are the world. And this is our world.

How do we take back our personal power? First by realising that we, individuals, have more freedom and power than any politician and business leader. 
Why? Because businesses are dependent on us, the individuals. And politicians are dependent on corporations. Business owners are basically slaves of their own corporation.

Luckily, not all politicians or businesses are bad. After all, we’re all human. The thing is that in the whole of humans history, there has been this striving for power that has led to our current corrupt political system and our manipulative consumption-based generation. The good thing is, the time has come to change this. But we can’t wait for the government or the corporations to change.

We are the ones who run this world. We have to take our personal education in our own hands, and not let the public schooling system kill our creativity. We have to take control of our own bodies and not let corporations persuade us to eat a triple-bacon-cheeseburger.

You have the choice to take control of yourself. The power is in the individual who is conscious of his choice. You can break free from society, become who you truly want to be, make the best of what you are and strive to build the future!

Power to the people!
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