Copying is rampant in crypto projects.

Every week, I get a message from someone building “Decentraland for AR” or “Decentraland for China” or, my favorite, “Decentraland with a different name.”

Consider crypto games. An entire category of game is the Cryptocelebrities smart contract with a renamed variable.

One of the most blatant examples of copying comes from a project called TRON. The body of its white paper was copied from IPFS and Filecoin.

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Juan Benet, founder of Filecoin, posted this damning analysis, leading to widespread ridicule from the community.

The result? TRON is a top ten coin.

In this upside-down world, we have project leads asking other projects to take their code. Recently, Vitalik commented on a proposal for the EOS consensus model, worried that their proposal was unsafe. …

A career is about allocating attention. Each unit of attention has an expected return and opportunity costs. Allocate attention well and returns compound, leading to a more successful (however one defines it) career.

Ambitious people in my network often allocate their attention to improving the signaling of their resume. “I’ll leave and go do {thing I’m actually interested in} after {industry standard time frame} at {prestigious company}.” I’ve done this myself.

This choice tends to feel like the “safe” and “smart” thing to do. Few talk about the opportunity cost because it’s hard to articulate and harder to evaluate. …

Just as bitcoin is a promise for sound money 1, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a promise for sound digital goods 2. Both promises represent multi-trillion dollar opportunities and, if realized, will have widespread multi-order consequences.

To understand the argument for sound money, read these two threads summarizing The Bitcoin Standard and speculating on the positive impact of sound money adoption. In short: bitcoin is the soundest money because of its decentralization and mathematical protection against inflation. Adoption of sound money has wide implications, potentially profoundly positive 3.

A population naturally prefers sounder money as evidenced by Gresham’s Law.


Tony Sheng

Product lead @Decentraland. Building and investing in emergent technologies. Blog at tonysheng.com

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