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I will never understand how people vote for Republicans. 
They always cry about Bootstraps and fail to realize sometimes those boot straps need to be replaced. 
But you can’t replace the bootstraps when they cost 6.99 and you make only 7.70 an hour. 
Conservatives vex me, like some sorcerer casting a spell over me.

When I read that they think 15 an hour is too much for people to make. I realize these people do not understand Economics, and how it works in the RICHEST country in the world, for now. Pay should keep up with inflation. Prices are rising REGARDLESS. Not paying people a living wage is morally bankrupt, but it’s okay for more money to go for wars, and prisons. For Millionaires to make millions more.

Conservatives LACK compassion, and some Liberals too, they don’t get off scott free. Their cowardice is why things are the way they are. 
Pitchforks are coming people, The Democratic party doesn’t get it.