Don’t Share Your Resolution, Spend your Energy Doing It.

Times have changed when it comes to what motivates us. Unfortunately for a lot of us sharing an intention now falsely gives us sense of achievement, and moral boost of attention — that we never get to the “doing of it.” Its the same element where people will share information on a “cause they care about” but they won’t actually ever do anything to affect real change on the issue. (human trafficking, the hungry, poor, sick, etc.)

Good feelings and good intentions are more of a distraction now if we share them — especially online.

So, my recommendation is to “go dark” about your goals. Write them down, keep them someplace just you will see them, and get to work. Change your nutrition, put a plan together for fitness, starting reading that one book a week, or perfect that resume.

If it’s really important, and personal, then don’t throw it out there to the ill tempered online masses. Keep it close, let it be important enough to NOT SHARE, and let the changes you seek be molded from an internal fire of commitment.

The only one your change really matters to is you anyways. Own that, and make it real.