A Practical Guide to Beating Isolation and Becoming a Connected Person
Benjamin Sledge

Why this article?

A few editorial thoughts — none of which should supersede just reading the article.

I picked this article for Medium Members (the $5/month very-early still-has-a-waiting-list new Medium subscription service) as part of producing their personal development content.

There’s a question I often ask productivity gurus, “To What End Are You Giving Advice?”

I ask that question because productivity is a means, not an end. And yet so many people miss this.

What I appreciate about the author, Benjamin Sledge, is that he was willing to go deeper. Hidden in this article are productivity techniques.

But he only gives you those as a solution to an actual problem. We are disconnected. Technology (often) isn’t making us happier. Work (often) isn’t making us happier. So what are we to do? Disconnect and put an emphasis on real relationships.

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