3 Days with Sandi Metz

The lessons I took from POODNYC


Hang on, who is Sandi Metz and what exactly is POODNYC?

What I Learned

Duplication Isn’t THAT Evil

“We are killing ourselves DRYing too early.”

Shameless Green

“I’m a big believer in how things feel in programming.”

Why Do I Need to be Clever?

“I think you’ve been polluted by DRY.”

Abstractions Are Found, Not Created

“Your problems are not new!”

Abstraction from Emergence

Testing, When Not To

Class: "We didn't write any tests. Should we have TDD'd it?"
Sandi: "Yea... I wouldn't test it."
Class: [audible gasps] 😳

“TDD will punish you if you don’t understand design.”

OMG, it’s Sandi Metz! 🙀