Dr. Dre threatening to sue Sony Pictures for the upcoming movie surviving Compton

Dr.dre is now threatening to sue Sony pictures for the upcoming movies surviving Compton by Michel’le this movie is dropping on Lifetime October 15th. He is saying that there is no evidence or no police report to the beatings he allegedly was accused of by his ex-girlfriend and R&B singer Michel’le. She recently did a interview claiming how dr. Dre was abusive at the time when NWA shot to stardom and at times when he was frustrated at the studio he will become very angry and rapper Eazy-E would call and warn her to get out the house quick because dr. Dre is angry and that’s when the beatings mostly occurred. But she could not make it out the house quick enough because on that night she was very intoxicated and she had in her mind I just don’t give a fuck so she took it as he was giving it. I really like dr. Dre for his success but Eazy-E was the realest rest in peace eazy and thanks for keeping his memory alive.

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