Your brain is a book, read it

And be a better person !!

I still remember the first time I fell from a bicycle. I remember breaking my head. My mom holding a pack of ice on the back of my head. That’s the first time I got a stitch on my head.

It’s a memory from my past. Memories are a gift. Especially when it’s from your childhood. But, sometimes it can be bad. I could’ve stopped cycling from that day, because of this memory I have. Because of the fear I had from that incident.

Our brain is a book. We write down every second into that book like we’re keeping a journal. I think it like this. I hired a guy to keep track of my life. Let’s call him Mark. He’s writing down everything. And when I ask him(when I think about the event or anything), Mark reads the details back to me. Every point in my life, every failure, every success, every problem is written down. I listen to Mark before I do anything. Any background check on what I’m going to do. It can be a success, can be a failure, can be an attempt. It can be anything.

When Mark reads it back to you, the one thing you’ll have to understand is, it’s only data. Data is nothing unless processed. This is where the catch is. I am the processor. I have the data and I can design my mind in such a way to give me a positive outcome with the data. Like I said with the bicycle incident, I could’ve stopped riding because of that incident. But I didn’t. I learned from what Mark said to me, what my mistake was and I keep track of my mistake. I designed my mind to deal with it, so that I could ride again.

Likewise, we all have our data. It’s down there with Mark. It can be incidents, it can be failures, it can be love, it can be a success. Whatever it is, your outcomes are defined by your mind. The algorithm you designed to take decisions on. This means full control, design your mind to be an AI engine, that learns from your mistakes and gives you desired outcome every time you require.

Your mind is more powerful than you think. Whatever data you have in your past, it won’t come as a constraint for you to act today. It’s just memories, Mark trying to poke us with. Take them, convert it and use if for today’s advantage.

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