We're Lucky Mark Zuckerberg Is in Charge
Alex Whitcomb

We, the People, delivered Trump. It’s our collective naivete that made social media seem innocuous. It wasn’t Russian ads. This my friends, is causality. We couldn’t see beyond our short-term dopamine highs that we were manifesting untold long-term damage. This is precisely what we are teaching our children but we didn’t live up to it. The likes, the loves, the thumbs up — it’s death by billion of clicks. Now that we are here, we just have to live with it, navigate it, channel it, and learn from it — that’s what adults do.

Wall Street didn’t buckle because Zuckerberg kept to his words. They jumped ship to lock in their ridiculous gains. Duh. That much is beyond obvious and anything further from that is oblivious to the times.

Don’t delete Facebook though, it’s not necessary. Like every social network that came before, from ancient bazaars to the Silk Road, the tides of time determine what fades away.