The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All
Sammy Leonard

Wow, After reading this article and comparing it to the author’s article of April 15, 2016…and then after reading all of these comments and responses…well, there is only one conclusion — This nation is seriously, and perhaps irreparably, fucked up. But… The simple fact is that progressives, liberal democrats, and independents put up candidates that were just as shitty as that collection of Republican candidates. Trump won, because he is the only one who tried to pander to everyone. Trump won, because he is an opportunist who realized just how fucked-up this nation is and he took full advantage. And we all LOST, because Trump won.

But before we decide on where to go from here there are three damned FACTS, and not alternative facts, that progressives and liberals and “Classic Democrats” are all going to have to accept and swallow deep: a), The majority of American voters are never going to accept any candidate that admits to being “far left” or socialist or communist, b), The U.S. is a consumer capitalist society and BIG MONEY is here to stay, and c), This country, unfortunately is still 90% acceptant of some form of absurd religious beliefs.

These are the damn facts and we are all going to have to deal with them and come up with a real plan before the 2018 cycle, so some smidgen of rationality can begin to work its way back in at state and municipal levels. Otherwise, fuck it, and its just ‘one, two, three whoopee, we’re all gonna die’.

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