A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking
Quincy Larson

Strange the people becoming the most wealthy from this technology are raising the alarm. While we are certainly becoming more advanced in areas with the help, if not because, of these technologies I find much lacking in quality of products being sold nowadays. It is inevitable that where a corporation can save a dollar using robotics or the like, will do so. The question is becoming, if we have no jobs, or low paying jobs, who will purchase these lower cost products? It has been raised by some, that a tax of sorts should be charged for use of automation, but, that would only increase the cost of the products, which we are already finding just out of reach. It almost seems we producing for the sake of producing. There seems to be no effort to creating a society where the main focus is on the individual, where his or her importance is paramount to a fulfilling life. Maybe it’s time to look at alternative life styles, or ourselves becoming just another obsolete piece of junk

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