Family: Tribe Life

Family, the reason I am who I am today. Every choice I make is based off everything ive learned years ago, even if I dont notice them all the time. The way I interact with people, the way I handle situations, down to the way I talk and move. Family is such an intricate part of being human, but not everybody gets the chance to have a healthy family relationship. Theres so many storys of people doing there children wrong, not treating them with the love that they would expect to recieve. Sometimes this is a good thing when they grow into the person they’re suppose to be. Family is the process of your molding as an adelesence. We don’t always realize how much an impact its makes on our lifes as we grow up. At the beginning of are development we arent even aware of what are caretakers are shaping us to be. We just do as were told, going with the motions till we learn to hold are own. A great family bond can sculpt you to be a powerful person if crafted right.

The collective mind and behaviors

I dont know about you but the biggest influence in my life was my mom. My dad died when I was really young so my mom raised me and my brother by herself. I didnt realize how hard she worked at this until I got older and seen the way other familys molded there kids. She use to go to work for long hours when she was a nurse. We would stay at grandmas house until she came to pick us up. Years later she was given ownership of a healthfood store by my god father when I was like ten or eleven. This was the foundation of my life for years to come and I didnt even know it! Mom use to have to study for hours to learn about business and herbs. During this time me and my brother use to stay long hours at the healthfood store while Mom would study and work at the same damn time. I didnt realize how much work she had to put in until I really learned how to put in work myself as I grew up. Along with studying and running a business she still found time to disipline are behaviors molding us into the men we are today. Yes that included butt whoopins ha ha. Aye sometimes we tried to get wild, what can I say I was a kid. I didnt understand why she use to make us do choirs and taught us certain things like cooking or or doing laundry until I went to college. Thats when everything she taught me I had to put into action. Being able to fend for myself and feed myself, do my own laundry, hold responsabiltys with great success. I was a spitting image of my mom to a degree. I thank god she put so much effort in me because I saw alot of my friends that didnt know how to even take care of themselves and took alot longer to grow up. My ways are deeply ingrained in my being and it helps me everyday as I continue to become the man i’m suppose to be.


As i got older into my twentys I started to form my dream. I know what your thinking, didnt you have a dream as a kid? Yes, i wanted to be a veterinarian, my love for animals was the only thing I knew back then, but soon I found my true passion in music and knowledge. This is when I started to put in work with what I love. I wasnt allways passionate till fell deep in my ambitions. I started to read books wich was wierd for me since I only read like two books in all the years I went to school. It was opening up a whole new world for me and I got a rush from it. As i started to build a foundation in my new craft I really got serious. I wanted to prove that was worthy of this path. I wanted to be something extra ordinary, with this knowledge I thought I could save the world! The old me slowly started to die as the change in me started to settle in. Theres no better feeling when you truly feel like you found where your suppose to be. I found where i wanted to pledge my alligence to. I would never deviate from this knowledge. From then on it would allways be apart of me, a new part of my family. I truly went threw a transformation. I started eating different, talking different, thinking different. I had a new found respect for life that touch the very core of my soul. My family didnt even reconize me. My mom never thought that I would follow in her footsteps with the healthfoods. Truth be told i didnt iether but life had different plans for me, greater plans that I would soon experience.

Role Models

Growing up i never had a father figure in my life. I allways felt like I had a gap missing in my life that needed to be filled. I was so eager to grow into the man I was suppose to be. Thats when I found my first true role model/mentor. His name was Joe. He knew more knoweldge than i could even dream of. Every question I would ask him he had an answer for, there was no stumping him. He showed me different ways to move in this world, a place that could be cruel and cold. How to keep an open heart and mind in whatever I did. He even got me started with my first hip hop song! I thought he could do no wrong. Everything he did I was in awe of. As time passed and are paths took us on separate journeys, we didnt get to build like we use to. The vibe wasnt the same, we didnt keep in contact like we use to, I didn’t get to learn from him like a use to, it was a valuable lesson in my life. I didnt realize that he had his own life to live. I was so focused on what I wanted him to teach me I didnt think about his goals and ambitions. This is when the halo effect started to wear off. He was just a man just like me. This is where I started to move on my own, but he still will always be apart of my family forever. It was time for me to become my own man.

Tribe 4 LIFE

Fast foward to the present where im being groomed to be the bread winner of my family. I know who I am and where im going and who I want to take with me. Everybody else doesnt really matter in my life besides my family. My heart and soul goes out to building a legacy for my Tribe for years to come. Family is the only thing I invest my emotions in completly. I have friends in my life that mean alot to me but there not the reason I work so hard. They can come in and out of my life and I would be fine with there memorys as I push on to my destiny with my family. When I look at my family, my brother, the smartest coolest dude i know. My cousins and auntie who took me in when my life started to drasticly change. I love my auntie she always puts life in perspective when my path started to get foggy. She allways has my back no matter what. My grandma is the defenition of a hustler, she worked 3 jobs and took care of two kids in stride. I think shes where my mom got her work ethic from that she passed down to me. My uncle is one of the strongest men I know. His disipline and dedication is something for the record books, I admire him alot and will be ready to take his spot as the bread winner of the family when the time comes. Ill give my life for these people any day any time. I love them with all my heart and ill never give up till they are all taken care of. Family is something you cant replace. Family doesnt have to be blood, anybody that loves you with all there heart and would give there all is family to me. Keep your family close and keep building the culture they pass down to you. They didnt come this far for nothing. Family is life. Family is Bond.

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