The Unknowing Tory supporters

I guess you’ve come here expecting a blog about how stupid Tory supporters do not know the economic pain and suffering that has been inflicted by their party of choice. I’m not going to be talking about this, as there are 100’s of blogs out there already talking about this very issue.

This blog is about the 1000’s of Labour supporters, some of which may well have labour membership for many years. They could well have visited marches in London and cheered as Jeremy Corbyn came on stage and said how he was going to re-balance the economy in favour of the many, not the few. They may give to the homeless… they may buy the Big Issue, or Socialist Worker rags.

Yet, they believe one thing that keeps giving the Tories millions upon millions of votes every election. They are the Unknowing Tory supporters…

Maybe you are one of them?

To find out if you are one of these covert conservatives, have a look at the Facebook post I made below:

Tax the Rich!

How does this make you feel?…. do you agree? Disagree? Do you punch the air in solidarity? Then you do not see the dangerous hidden message contained within:

I have highlighted the right wing lie… ‘So the Books Balance’. This idea about balancing the books, spending only what we tax hasn’t been around forever. It was born out of the introduction of Neoliberalism, by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in 1980’s . A Noble Lie hidden….in plain sight.

But those who believe it will will be supporting shrinking of the state, keeping the poor, poor and the rich rich.

In a sovereign Fiat currency nation like the UK (and the US, and many others) where we buy more goods from abroad than we sell them, there will be a gradual draining of currency from the economy lost to the foreign sector.

This money can either be replaced by everyone going into ever more private debt, Private debt is dangerous…if we do not service the debts we have, the bank may repossess our house. Too many defaults can cause banks themselves to collapse causing recessions.

OR it can be replaced by the government spending more than it tax’s creating ever more public debt. Public debt, however, is not dangerous at all, because it is the money the government owes to us. If we demand our money back from the government, the government could give us an IOU with ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand’ on it. And, we’d be happy!.

To balance the books means that more private debt needs to be made to keep our economy at the same size, and it means shrinking of the state, defunding public service. People forced to buy things which they originally got for free on the NHS, now have to go into private debt for. This is the whole right wing idea behind the Balance the Books myth.

So…don’t believe it.

Public services like the NHS can be fixed simply by the government spending more. The additional money spent will end up in the economy, and help us all to pay our mortgages and credit card bills, reducing private debt and making a more strong economy.. Because a strong economy has less poverty, less homelessness, less worry about how to pay for things.

And, that is what we all want isn’t it?