BitBounce’s Credo ICO starts on July 26, 2017

I’ve kept a skeptical eye on cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin became a thing, waiting to see what regulators and the market would say before diving in head first myself. While we may be years away from realizing its full potential, with a market capitalization approaching $100 billion, there’s too much traction not to take a closer look.

Over the course of the past year, blockchain technology has surfaced for a myriad of business applications and new companies are being financed daily through the creation of their own tokens offered via “initial coin offerings” or ICOs, cutting out traditional venture funding methods as savvy VCs like Tim Draper embrace it wholeheartedly, lest they become irrelevant in this new economic frontier.

It’s the confidence of people like Tim and commitments by institutions like Nasdaq to create the New York Interactive Advertising Exchange that give me confidence in our blockchain future, which it appears will have as far-reaching implications as the web did two decades ago. For my part I’m focused on how blockchain might improve decades-old processes in marketing and advertising and create new ways to exchange value for attention and engagement — the only things that truly matter in marketing….read more on

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