Snapchat Geofilters: A Case Study

When Snapchat introduced geofilters back in 2014, I don’t recall thinking much about it. I maybe had a, “Oh, that’s cool” moment but nothing much more. But when they opened things up for universities to submit artwork, the platform got my attention.

After submitting, what seemed to be, 20 templates for our college athletic program, SC finally approved our geofilter. I walked around our facilities posting photos and videos with the new filter. At the time, it was the middle of the summer while students were home, but their responses were almost instantaneous.

I started getting text messages like, “We have our own filter???” “When did we get that!? “That is awesome!”

Having seen the possibilities, I was ecstatic when SC made available to the public custom on-demand filters. As a social media manager, I began brainstorming for ways to incorporate these filters into our marketing plan.

As it happened, the week after SC’s custom geofilters announcement, our sporting goods company was scheduled to host a 1-day event at a local school’s gymnasium. The building’s size was a perfect way to test the new opportunity.

Forty-eight hours prior to the event, I created and submitted my filter. SC approved the design within 3 hours (this was the first week, so I’m guessing you may have to wait a little longer now). On the day of the event, we had approximately 300 attendees. We finished the 7 hour event with 25 uses, and by the time the filter had disappeared from everyone’s snap story, it had 1,449 views.

That’s a $3.45 CPM. Now, that may not be a jaw-dropping price, but for our small business, it was huge. Not only did we have 1,449 deep impressions, but we added over 20 SC followers, which meant opportunities for further brand impressions down the road.

Not bad for spending only $5.

For those interested in trying out a geofilter for your company, I’d suggest reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s recent post.

For those already using geofilters, I’d love to hear your story! Comment below and let me know how your brand is taking advantage of this great marketing tool.

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