I succeeded by following the path of least resistance
Duncan Riach

Duncan hi! Congrat’s on another good and usefull article!

I have to tell you that I agree with you and even if it seems impossible or far fetched; folowing the path of least resistance — is the right way for people who are very ambitious and goal-oriented. Sure; if you are less ambitious or maybe a little bit lazy- don’t do this and put yourself 100% in something you truly love doing to get much needed experience in sucess and failure.

This is my favorite and MOST important part of this article Duncan and I wanted to thank you for it. It helps; it really do… Your experiences becomes mine and I have learned so much from them; from you…

“I have been learning more each day how to notice when I am experiencing resistance, where the path of least resistance is, and then flowing with that. I am learning to keep on pivoting, no matter how much success I have achieved, into the next path of least resistance.”

Duncan you did a good on this one and congrat’s on that! Thanks for replay and I hope everything is going very well or at least much better in your business and life.

And remember: You are a badass so never give up!! 🕵