Depression …………………………………..

Everyone from time to time feels down. Phycologist, sometimes refer to depression as a common cold of mental illness. You know and I know, that a common cold can make you miserable and your life miserable. Common cold can also develop into sinus infection, pneumonia etc. So pay attention when you develop sign of depression: discourage, low energy, self-critical, irritable with other people. It’s important to note “Oh, just as you would if you had a fever, something wrong here, I am not usual me!”. Once you noticed that, what are your options? Well, unfortunately all too often people assume, “Oh, depression is a chemical disorder”. Where do you go if you have a biological disorder? You go to your physician. They know how to write prescriptions for pills.

Even worse, for women in middle years, one out of four women are taking antidepression medications, these medications are not sugar pills. They can have impact on your body, they also can make you drug dependent. The drug company says they don’t make you addicted and that is the definition of addiction which means craving. They numb you to core. These antidepressant do help some people, it can help maybe about 60% or 70% of people, but it can have severe side effects.

Good News?…

There are lot of psychotherapy, talk therapy methods which I also have been through for getting rid of these down moods. There is lots of prescription without pills also.

I would like to share my prescription with you all come from my own therapy. Maybe you are walking or rushing down through the road of life, and you hit a bump!. So, that bump which is some disturbing and torture situation, and you scratch your head and worry what to do with this bump?. If by chance, you are lucky enough unlike me you will move on with your road of life. But when we hit certain disturbing circumstances, we give-up on what we want, just like I did! and that sometimes my friend seems to be a better idea because there is no option. But giving up in response to something you want, triggers severe depression!.

Now what you can do?

Here’s the bump, you bump or fall over the bump and then YOU BACK UP!.

Identify the bump and solve the problem one way or the other. Sounds easy? No it is not!. Why? Because when you are depressed, you don’t know what the situation is, because that darkness, that dark clouds surround you, that blocks you from knowing what you gave up and why you gave up. Because when we are depressed, we feel powerless, we feel numb and tired and do not have enough energy to solve the problem.

Prescription One: Pinpoint problem.

Prescription two: Pump-Up.

Prescription three: try solving it.

Lets take my example:

I have been feeling down for over two years. I feel discouraged, I feel down, I have no energy and beating myself up all the time and feeling irritated.

I just close my eyes and allow an image to come up, maybe with whom I am mad at or seriously angry. Not with myself, because it is obvious when you are depressed, you are mad at yourself. So, what I see is a room, and people I live with sitting there. I realized that whatever I do, it is not enough for them.

Now what do I need to do in that situation? I want to be heard, feels appreciated, people don’t backbite about me.

But now there is one more question I have to ask myself. In that room who looks bigger? Me or the other people? Well, I look like little girl and they look like a cricket player or something. But they are just some ordinary people, but when I am thinking about them I picture them really big. Now I have figured out depression causing moment.

Depression is a disorder of power. So, if you feel small and whatever the thing or people you think is big, that is the bump that knocked you down. This the prescription one, we point out our problem.

Now, I take a deep breathe, feel myself bigger, taller and stronger and powerful. Now, how big I am? I am almost big and powerful as those people. I again take breathe and see myself growing stronger and powerful. Now prescription two accomplished, pumped up.

Now, when I am trying to solve the problem, I will gather all relevant information of the variables. Now, I can think of creative solutions. So, I see myself from that taller, stronger position towards those people that are below me and I am shock. I see that these people are intimidated by me. Now, what solution I have? My first solution would be to leave that room and go that place that respects me more. But when I visualize this solution, I realize its not the solution. Then I try another solution. I tried pumping exercise, I could just speak louder, speak authoritatively, speak with confidence. Now, when I visualize it, I laughed. No matter, what I do, people over there, they will still be same. But from pumping up myself, I can see them, that’s about them. Now, that's prescription three, problem solved!

I still feel big. I feel lighter and brighter. That dark cloud of depression lifted.

When you feel down, remember: Life is not a contest, there is no need to keep suffering.

So, use these prescriptions very well!




Instructor , Graphic designer , Web designer

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Tooba Iqbal

Tooba Iqbal

Instructor , Graphic designer , Web designer

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