Tooba Iqbal

What people see VS What actually happens!

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Being “ high strung when planning things”.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS: Trying to avoid any surprises that actually triggers your anxiety.

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Being “needy” for seeking more reassurance than others.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS: Self doubt that makes you question that do people actually accepts you the way you are?.

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Being “dramatic” or “extra” about things that actually “don’t matter”.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS: Using all your energy to cope with your symptoms and having nothing left to cope with “little things”.

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Being rude for cancelling plans last minute.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS: Your symptoms have set in and needs to be addressed urgently.

Before judging someone, please realize that anxiety is a real illness that affects everything.!