“Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog”

(by reading of “Eidhi” sab’s life and my own “just start project”)

Abdul Sattar Eidhi was one of the most influential people of Pakistan. He was among those few people who are actually concerned with the betterment of society without asking any reward or fame in return. His autobiography opened a gateway to the new series of thoughts for me.

I wonder, how anyone can do it all without wanting pomp and show for one’s own self. His quote “simplicity is the only beneficial way of life” touched my heart and i really admire Eidhi from the core of my heart for his chosen simplicity. In fact there is not a even single aspect of his life that does not imply on us. In fact after reading Eidhi i feel kind of obliged, i feel everyone who is unable to “be” on his own is ultimately the duty of all of us.

i am so much inspired by his sayings, especially

leadership that does not aim at a psychological change of attitude and does not encourage humanitarian and self help is against the state. it wastes the time and nation with great potential

i feel it can be implicated on every one of us, as every one is a leader of some other one.

i found it relatable, as i was in search of an opportunity to do something for the people who are less privileged members of the society or at least thought to be as ones. But i could not do something satisfying with my limited finances regarding my wish. Recently i came to know that there is a nearby orphanage in which a tutor is required. I decided to grab this opportunity as i thought this is somehow near to what i wanted to do.

When i decided to take a practical step towards it, there were my siblings and other people saying me that you have recently finished your graduation, you can go for some better option where you can earn more and in a reasonable environment. But there was something inside me that was not excited by the money but passion. So i finally went to do it.

This orphanage is under government supervision and it is linked with “The Educators” school system.

First Task that i did was to go to “The Educators” school system with my CV, gave teaching demonstration and got selected. But the problem was, everyone was making my scared by saying that the children are very hard to control as they live without their real parents. They are different from the children of the whole families, you will be exhausted soon, only someone who has a grip on psychology can deal with them etc.

Second Task was to go to the orphanage and start teaching officially. I did that.

But i realized that it was really not different from what people were saying me before. Children were difficult, and to be real i cried once after coming back home because i was not used to yell and be super strict to control the children before. But gradually i succeeded in developing a friendship with them and now i feel happy when i find them looking forward to me as i enter in, hearing “Bachoooooooo, Mam Tooba a gai hain

Because there is a tough competition for selfie

Third task is to overcome my fear of being unable to have a grip on children and doing my best. i want to be leader that is going to bring a psychological change and just not going to do spoon feeding. Along with teaching academics, i am intended to create a change in the behavior and thinking pattern of the children. I want them to feel high and equal as other children of the society. I want them to learn good ethics and morals that a child learn by their elders being at home. For which i will be searching for some interesting and useful activities.

I hope i will overcome the troubles i have in this way, as this is not the least resistant.

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