Let the Happiness lead!

We have been doing it wrong since forever. Chasing happiness; seeing happiness as a reward of money, trying finding it somewhere in expected success, running after people/relationships to fulfill the inner desire to be HAPPY. Some one who runs after things/material/people to be happy, will never be the one! I bet.

This was my perspective, but it was vague till I watched a TED talk by Shawan, who explained it pretty awesome. He mentioned in his talk that a happy individual has much higher chances of becoming successful than an unhappy one/the one who is yet searching it in success.

This is a backward phenomenon. Internally happy and satisfied persons are all, a society needs. Nature favors the faithful ones, happy and contented ones.

Practicing happiness is the way to success, happiness increases your productivity 30 times more. So, adopting ways to be happy = making your way to be successful.

Here are some practices I do, to make my self calm, happy and contented.

  • Random acts of kindness are probably the most powerful tool to be happy. I am teaching in an orphanage. Listening to children, talking to them about random things make me happy. Facilitating others in their work, doing more on my self is the most soothing thing in the world. I never regret it.
  • Exercise has always helped me. Doing some cardio exercise in stressful state releases the stress physically and I feel fresh and energetic.
  • Writing down is an other tool, write down fears, write down grieves, write down what’s happening around, write letter to your self, write down blessings, in short just write whatever is it! This makes me happy and is an ultimate form of catharsis.
  • Reaching out to some one who cares! It helps a lot. Loner individuals are tend to be more sad. Man is a social animal, or at least I find ultimate happiness in meeting healthy and positive minds. Discussing problems releases frustration and makes us lighter.

All these practices have always increased my performance. I could never work well under stress, seeking happiness from results.

Let’s change the course of time, let’s be happy first!
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