Set Up A Step Up!

Practicing what we never wanted to; out of our comfort zone, out of any personal interest, being selfless and passionate, was an experience worth writing down.

We were given a project to raise fund for Eidhi Foundation. My group ( Tahir, Abdullah, Ali, Laraib, Nazim, Shiza and Hamza) and I had no previous experience of any practical fund raising (looting friends is an other thing). We were a bit hesitant as this is something controversial. People doubt your intentions, asks a lot about background, and much more.

Anyhow, we geared up, made multiple plans and after a number of plans we decided to go to AYUB AGRICULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Since this institute has some past affiliations with our university and most of the employees are from our university, we had a little edge.

We had a money box prepared with us, having some messages on it like “ Contribute may be little” “Random act of kindness” “We are Eidhi” etc. We prepared ourselves, discussed our dialogues and just started it as Amal’s first principle “just start”.

I am more than happy to tell you that we collected a significant amount of fund there. A little ratio of people actually refused, all others contributed, may be a not much but they were happy, giving us regards, and appreciating us for this noble task. And by “ek or ek gyara” we boosted up each other. There were obstacles, but we did not mind them as the out put was not less. We became more passionate with every passing hour and did this activity continuously for five hours. We were all there with out break fasts, but the energy given by this task was enough to keep us going.

We were so enthusiastic and happy. Humanity is still there. People were trusting us (may be after reading authority letter! LOL) but yes! there were people for whom the name of humanity and Eidhi was enough. And in this flow, by practicing “kaam kaam and kaam” we totally forgot about taking any picture, or this blog would be much more colorful.


Dear readers! if you can not feel the colors of humanity by just imagining how beautiful it would be, seeing people making contribution towards nobility, then pictures were not going to make a difference!

We, as a group learned a lot from this activity. There were people who were saying us to continue it even after this project, “from human beings, for humanity”.

We felt the real spirit of Eidhi Sahb in us, and we realized how challenging it is, to do something for others besides all the skeptics and those discouraging sentences. We faced them but this blog is written on the behalf of humanity. I would just mention the ones who boosted our morale, those who kept us high, and those who kept us going.

MAY HUMANITY LIVE LONG! As this is the only way to stay alive.
We are one, may not everywhere, but for humanity.
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