About Too Black Guys

The brand of Too Black Guys was founded in Toronto (Canada) in 1990. The name originates from Malcolm X’s “Message to the Grass Roots” speech. Fascinated and inspired by the “do for self” movement in early 90’s hip hop. The company does its best to represent the black experience in a brand new way.

“We were looking for T’s that said more than ‘Black Bart’ or ‘It’s a Black Thing-You Wouldn’t Understand’ and when we couldn’t find any, we decided to make our own”, said founder, Adrian. “So we made a few T’s to see if there was a market for a brand that made you feel like you were wearing a Public Enemy verse or a Spike Lee movie on a shirt”.

The founders of the business also wanted to set a totally great example for those young people who also want to launch a brand new business and make it in real life. When they were just launching their business, many people told that they need to load some funds to make it happen and that it just won’t work otherwise.

As the founder of the business Adrian says, he just did not believe by any chance that any bank would want to loan any money to a bunch of guys who had nothing to back up their idea. That’s why Adrian decided to come up with a different idea. So they make up their mind and took the plunge and had a few T-shirts produced with their own pocket money.

They used the initial income to buy more inventory. Having that done, they opened a small store in Toronto. After a while they also opened a new store in NYC’s lower east side. Though 25 years have passed, the initial founders of the brand still have the same feel for really awesome modern street wear.

Along with the awesome taste for style, it’s also really easy and convenient to both order and have your purchase shipped. The story of Too Black Guys just goes to show that if you strive and do your best, you will get what you’re dreaming of.