Two Forms Of Sand Fleas On Dogs

Two Forms Of Sand Fleas On Dogs

Two Forms Of Sand Fleas On Dogs: One of them is a creepy insert which are commonly found on most pets and most during warm climate or weather. The second is sand bug also know as scavenger. Sand fleas are quiet small to the eyes, these little insert size is about the size of a grain of rice, with a clear wings and dark spots.
 There Two Forms Of Sand Fleas On Dogs,
 1) midges
 2) beach fleas
 You can find these sand fleas sandy areas like marshes and beaches, and usually hunt in early mornings or at nightfall. These inserts usually hunt for their prey just within their habitat, and usually do not move around homes were people live.
 Pets that contact these sand fleas or beach fleas are usually those that strolling around the shores which are home for sand fleas.
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