Complete Circle

I don’t thing I’ve ever read a book where the main character was so oblivious to who they are.

In the first half of the book I had no idea why on its back there was a quote comparing it to Brave New World. But closer to the end I finally got it.

But seriously, Mae is just so dumb. It’s like she represents this mob rule but it’s not only outside but inside her, too. She trusts this corporation, she doesn’t waver even for a moment. She’s so brainwashed, it’s unreal. And who knows where it comes from.

The whole completing the circle thing is, well, I sure hope our world won’t come to that. ’Cause God knows we love our privacy and our secrets. As a true idealist I believe that if we teach people, if we show them the good of the world and be kind and nice, then they will understand that there is no need for violence, crime and wars. Uncovering every secret seems a bit radical. No one is that accepting and tolerant.

The book is weird though. At times it’s scary how badly it’s written, with all the right words but with the wrong flow, but good ideas eclipse bad writing, and in the end it really is “immensely readable”. Also bits of sex scenes are ridiculous but thankfully they are few.

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