Bass Fishing Tips: How to Catch Bass

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If you are just starting out bass fishing then you may well be confused by all of the different types of lures, rigs, rods and reels are that commonly used, Armed with our bass fishing tips we hope to help you get the best start!

Bass are one of the most prolific freshwater fish species found in the USA and Canada.

The are great fun to catch and can be caught by just about anybody.

Bass Fishing Tips

The following fishing tips will help you on your way to catchin

1. Find Their Cover

Finding out where bass are congregating will greatly increase your chances of hooking one. …

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One of the most exciting methods to fish for bass is frog fishing. Getting your frog rod setup right from the start is one of the most important aspects to catching more fish.

The majority of frog fishing will be done in summer months when frogs are most active.

Bass will be naturally hunting out frogs and other small mammals as a food source. They will tend to lie in cover such as shallow weed beds and underneath large water lilies.

Because of where the bass are lying you frog tackle will need to be able to handle being worked through vegetation. …

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