$5000 — So That’s It Right?

Benjamin Poulter
2 min readJun 7, 2022


You finally decided to invest a good amount of money into building a business and making money online.

That’s it right — plain sailing from there?

Or so you thought!

You may not think your one of those people — I didn’t!
It’s the way my mind is, you have a problem — throw some money at it
Problem solved!

If you compare it to learning to drive a car.
I went out and got myself a great car, it had an MOT and everything worked.
Paid for the insurance so I was legal.
I also bought myself the best book on the market.

Booked a few lessons and spent all my money.

Could I drive? NO

I still had to learn how to do everything.
That is one thing money can buy. Your knowledge and capability to actually do it.

In this online space there are so many people who are prepared to spend the money, but not spend their time.

This goes for any type of business in the world! Any job you do.

Your not going to be able to pay to be good at something.
Paying is just the first step in a journey.

That journey takes time — How much time is down to you!
I completely get it — you have spent out $5000, You want to make that money back ASAP!

But that can be the first mistake you make.

Getting wrapped up in trying to recoup the money you have spent.
You don’t give yourself anytime to actually learn what you have just bought.

Its a tough pill to swallow, investing $5000 into noting but a few videos and PDFs.

However its whats inside those videos and PDF that count and what your going to use them for.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

But its got a reputation as one of the most beautiful Citys in the world that has lasted for years.

That’s what you want to treat your business you are building like — Rome

With every piece of content you create, your online business will begin to get bigger and better.

You will soon realise — time is the only thing money can buy and it’s the most valuable thing in the world right now.

So don’t waste one little bit of that time.

If your stuck and would like some help on getting a clear direction how to spend your time — send me a message

I would be more than happy to help.




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