I want to be a millionaire — So f#$%in BAD!

My daughter is no exception!

Benjamin Poulter
3 min readFeb 7, 2022


At 17 years old Abbie was working in a desserts shop.

It was her first ever real job, where she earnt her own money.

With her first pay check she blew it on 1 pair of trainers.

(of course I advised her not too, but it as her money)

Abbie was getting her hourly rate raised all the time and given a set of keys to open up — so more responsibility.

Abbie stared this job when she was 16 years old.

Then she tuned 17, like all 17 year olds — she wanted to hang around with friend.

Not be stuck working every evening and having collage all day.

Her first thought was to quit collage and just work in the day.

NOT going to happen! You will end up in that job all your life is what I said.

So then she looked for another plan.

A few weeks later she came to me with a plan.

I want to be a sports coach for young children.

Amazing, of course she had already found a position and applied for it.

Well she got that job!

One thing — It was really low paid.

This I explained to Abbie that is where you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

With more experience you will get more money.

Also look at your job as if its your own business — The goal is to be the employer not the employee.

Maybe a little eager Abbie found out what the other coaches were paid.

She wanted more money fast.

Her manager told her that other coaches could go to diffrent schools and coach as they could drive — you cant.

Well she was 17 now and all she needed to do was to get a driving licience.

With a goal set in mind Abbie was constantly asking me to go out in the car.

We drove for miles!

Its no wonder she passed her test 1st time!

Along with learning to drive, Abbie was putting in the effort in her job.

There was a post I did about a letter she was given to pass to her boss here -

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In the photo is what Abbie sent me today.


This is a perfect example of how to get what you want.

It takes time and it takes YOU taking the right steps.

There are steps to take to be successful and steps to take when you become successful.

Always have a goal in mind.

What goal do you have at the moment?



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